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Don’t Miss Out on These Link Opportunities

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Link Building

For the most part, link building is a challenging endeavor. In order for a link to be worth it, it has to be a link from a quality source and should be relevant. It takes time to establish relationships and your brand online in order to achieve links naturally. However, there are some ways to build links that are fairly easy that you should be capitalizing on.

Incorporate these links into your strategy right now:

Blog post links

A company blog is great to have for many reasons. Not only does it showcase your knowledge and brand personality, but it also is great for SEO purposes. Each blog post adds a new page of content to your website. The search engines prefer “fresh” websites and each blog post is a new opportunity to rank for specific keywords. A blog post is also a great place to inner link to another page of your website. Most likely you promote blog posts in social media and other outlets like your company newsletter but ideally you want someone to view more of your website than just that one post which is why inner linking comes in handy. Using a variety of anchor text, link to a related internal page of the site within the post. You don’t want to do this in every post or incorporate many links within one post because that looks spammy but doing it every 2-3 posts is definitely recommended.

Guest post links

Review any industry sites that you visit frequently to see if any of them accept guest posts or white paper submissions. A guest blog post is great because it gets your content into a new set of eyes and typically allows you to include a link back to your site. If you have a content marketing staff, it’s important to take advantage of this opportunity instead of only publishing content on your own web properties.

Press release links

If there is something newsworthy going on within your business, capitalize on the opportunity by writing and publishing an online press release! As long as the content is good and the topic is interesting the press release could get picked up by numerous news sources. Be sure to incorporate a few important links within the body of the release. One link per 100 words is acceptable. Be sure to link to the page of the website that is related to the press release topic and a few other important pages. Vary the anchor text so that it appears natural.

301 redirects

Take a look at your Google Webmaster Tools to see if you have any 404 error pages. Most websites have at least some, while large websites and e-commerce sites could have hundreds. A 404 error page is a page that no longer exists. The search engines can’t crawl it. By adding a 301 redirect, it sends the search spider and the visitor to an active page, improving the usability of the site.

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