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Don’t Set a Link Limit for Your SEO

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Link Building

In the wake of the Google Penguin updates many site owners are approaching their link building campaigns with some hesitancy. And while I can understand why a site owner would want to be more careful about the kind of links they are building (that’s never a bad idea!), it’s just as important to not put so many restrictions on your link building campaign that you end up not actually building any links! While I always recommend that my clients not build their links too fast, as a way to keep their efforts natural, you also don’t want to set a link limit for yourself and stop a great campaign in its tracks.

I’ve spoken with many site owners in the past that wanted to invest in a pay per link SEO program. In my experience, site owners that go for pay per link SEO programs are the ones that are more likely to get burned by a black hat SEO company that builds low-quality, spammy links for cheap. These programs often go for quantity over quality when it comes to link building, and although they might guarantee a minimum amount of links each month they also sometimes set a link limit, which is often disguised as a clever way to stay on budget.

Setting a link limit for yourself is an unrealistic approach to link building. Think about it like this—if you wrote a piece of content that went “viral” (at least viral for your brand) would you tell your readers to stop sharing? Other bloggers to stop linking? Industry sites to stop referencing? Of course not! You would never want to slow down a piece of content that is earning high-quality links for your site. Those natural links are the best kind because you didn’t have to do extra work to get them; your content was good enough to earn it. Even if a piece of content is only moderately successful a few extra links per blog post can add up really quickly when you have a lot of content.

Nor should you ever decide that one successful piece of content is “good enough” to carry your SEO program through. Let’s say you had set a link limit for yourself of 35 links per month. If one blog post got 9 links, you left 10 blog comments, published a press release that had 4 links (and got syndicated a number of sites), and a few other link building activities does that mean you shouldn’t write any more content? Should you skip a great link building opportunity that falls in your lap because it will cross your link limit? Definitely not! Link building is hard enough on its own, so why set arbitrarily link limits for your SEO? If you are on a link building role one month then ride it as long as you can! You never know what is going to happen next month and your link building efforts might have to slow down for one reason or another.

While it is always a good idea to judge the quality of each link so you are building better links, not just more links, you don’t want to set a link limit for your SEO campaign. Link limits can undermine what could be a really effective SEO program!

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