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Keyword Selection Reminders

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important part of an SEO campaign. Just guessing which keywords to target will result in a campaign that misses the mark, gets the wrong kind of traffic, and misses out on lots of good opportunities. Keyword research should be conducted for every page of the website using a keyword tool. A keyword tool will provide you with one hundred or more keywords that are related. Obviously, you aren’t going to use them all so the next step is keyword selection. When selecting keywords to target on your website, keep the following in mind:

Target More Than One Keyword per Page
Best practice is to target 2-5 keywords per page. Of course, these keywords should all be related to each other. Since they are closely related, there is no need to create a page for each keyword. That will just result in a lot of excess pages that have basically the same message and aren’t really necessary. A page of website content can rank for more than one keyword. Of course, it depends on how much content is on the page. You never want to keyword stuff the page just to get them all in there. It should be natural.

Broad Keywords Aren’t Best

Don’t get so caught up in the search volume. Lots of search volume means lots of competition.

Incorporate Longtails
Longtail keywords may have lower search volume, but they will generate traffic from a searcher that knows what they are looking for. They have moved out of research mode and are beginning to narrow down their options. Showing up for a longtail keyword improves the chances of conversion.

Include Local Keywords

Conduct keyword research nationally, but if you operate a local business be sure to incorporate localized longtails into the mix, so instead of simply targeting “ice cream shop” you will be targeting “Anytown ice cream shop”. Remember, only target a city or area if that’s where you are actually located or located close to. Don’t target a city that is 50 miles away.

Choose Only the Most Relevant Keywords
Just because a keyword tool suggests a keyword or keyword phrase that only means that it is in some way related, but it might not be the best fit. For example if you were doing keyword research for “SEO company” some keyword tool suggestions include “best SEO company” and “affordable SEO company”. Sure, these keywords have search volume- but they aren’t good keywords to target because what is affordable is subjective and nobody can possibly tout that they are the best.

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