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Keyword Research Approach Tips

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Keyword Research

One of the first steps of an SEO campaign is to conduct keyword research. Best practice is to manually go through every page of the website, pick out important words and phrases on each page, and plug them into a keyword research tool. The keyword research tool will then generate a listing of related keywords and provide search volume information. It’s important to choose keywords that are the most relevant per every page of the site. A mix of high search volume (competitive) and lower search volume (niche) keywords are recommended. While the keyword research basics are similar no matter what kind of SEO campaign is being conducted, there are certain methodologies that should be considered for the following:

Local SEO Campaign
For a local business, it’s important to include the location within the targeted keyword. For example, an ice cream shop isn’t going to simply target “ice cream shop”, which is much too broad. Instead, it should target “Anytown ice cream shop”, “Anytown, Any State ice cream shop”, and “Any Neighborhood ice cream shop”. Even though the keywords include local phrases, the initial keyword research should be conducted nationally. People search for ice cream the same way in one state as they do in another. Simply add the local term to the keyword phrase before implementation.

B2B Demand Generation SEO Campaign
If you are running a demand generation SEO campaign, the keyword research process can be frustrating. Since the product or service is brand new, nobody is searching for it yet. A demand generation business needs to work up its other marketing efforts in order to create that demand. Search volume will follow. So, it’s important to include related keywords that DO have search volume as well as the new keyword search terms.

Branded Keyword Research
If you have an established brand, people are going to be searching for keywords that include it. Remember, every page needs to be optimized including the About Us and Contact Us pages. It’s likely that people will be searching for terms like “Brand X customer support”, “Brand X reviews”, “Brand X testimonials”, “Brand X clients”, and “Brand X trade shows”. Be sure to optimize these pages accordingly so that they can be easily found.

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