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Is “Too Much Guest Blogging” Possible?

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

One of the best ways to build inbound links and generate traffic to your site is to write useful content that can be published across the web. Blogs are great places to publish this content. While it’s important for a business today to operate its own blog in order to share knowledge and become a respected source of information, branching out and sharing content on other blogs is a great content marketing strategy. In addition to gaining some inbound links to your site, a guest blog post is an opportunity to be introduced to new potential clients, customers, or referrals.

However, like any good link building/brand building strategy out there, it’s bound to be abused. In fact, it’s not crazy to think that the search engines may begin to penalize those that are taking guest blogging to the extreme. In some cases, it could even be viewed as a link exchange. “You write for me and include some links, and I’ll write for you and include some links”. When you take that kind of approach, guest blogging loses its true purpose.

Here are some signs that you may want to scale back on guest blogging:

You sacrifice quality for quantity

Just because guest blogging is a great online marketing tactic, it doesn’t mean that you should churn them out without proper care. Some places that accept guest posts don’t require them to be original, meaning that they can be posted in many locations across the web. Even if the site owner says it’s OK, it’s not recommended. You don’t want to be guilty of publishing duplicate content across the web. “Spinning” the content and just changing a few words around is just as bad. It’s better to write five good, original blog posts and submit them to five different sites than to submit the same post to 100 sites.

You submit to any site, regardless of niche

When you are just getting started with blogging and establishing yourself in a certain industry, it may be difficult to get content posted on the “top blogs” of your niche. You may be forced to look elsewhere for other opportunities. However, you don’t want to just post your content “anywhere”. There are plenty of blogs out there that will accept content about just about anything, but in many cases these blogs really aren’t all that good and might not even generate much traffic. Start out by writing great content on your own blog and get noticed by sharing it in social and commenting on the blogs of others. Once you’ve been at it for awhile and have proven that you can write industry content well, you will have a better chance of attracting high quality guest post opportunities.

Your blog contains too many guest posts

Guest posting works both ways. While you can submit great content to other blogs, other bloggers can submit great content to your blog. It’s just important to maintain a proper balance. Your own content should always be the most visible on your own blog. You don’t want to cause any confusion as to who the actual owner/voice of the blog is. Your top priority should always be your own blog. Make sure that you have enough content to post there before beginning to accept guest posts or submit content to other blogs.

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