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Are You Pushing Your Guest Blogging to the Extreme?

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

I am a huge proponent of guest blogging. Not only is it a great way to build links, it also helps introduce your brand to potential customers (and hopefully drive them to your site), builds your industry authority, enhances your social presence and author authority, connects you with other industry thought leaders and more! I write for multiple industry blogs each month and it is well worth the time and effort I put into creating unique content for each site. But, like any link building tactic that proves valuable, there are more than few writers and site owners out there that are taking guest blogging to the extreme and crossing the over the spam line.

Here’s how you know you’ve taken your guest blogging too far:

Writing the same blog post (or spinning it slightly) for a dozen different sites.

If you want to do your guest blogging the right way, each post has to be 100% unique EVERY TIME. Obviously you can’t control if someone takes one of your blogs and republishes it (just make sure they give you credit!), but that doesn’t mean that should be your standard operating procedure when it comes to guest blogging. Write unique content for each blog so that is speaks to the specific readers of that blog! I realize that sounds like “well, duh” advice but you’d be amazed at how often site owners get it wrong.

Blog spinning and mass blog submissions are a no-no! It’s precisely the kind of activities that the Google Panda update is on the lookout for.

Submitting content to every blog accepting guest posts that you can find.

I understand, because I had to do it myself, then when you are just starting your guest blogging campaign that you might not have the “street cred” or industry authority to be invited to write for the highest quality sites. But just because you can’t write for the big players that doesn’t mean you should submit content to any site that is willing to take it. Be sure that the site you’re guest blogging for is relevant to your niche (too many unrelated sites in your link portfolio might trip Penguin!) and actually attracts the kind of customers you want to reach. If your target customer is a Java developer, writing for a site that sells computer repair kits might not be the best fit. Even though you both exist in a computer-related industry, is your target audience going to be visiting that blog?

Avoid spam blogs and blog networks that accept content from any and everyone! A smaller, less popular blog that is well written and specific to your niche is a much better guest blogging opportunity.

Accepting any guest post you can get in order to write one for their site.

I have noticed that some guest blogging is starting to look a lot like link exchanges, where two unrelated sites are writing for each other. While developing reciprocal partnerships with other bloggers is completely fine, you need to make sure your blogging partners are actually your partners, and not just someone from website X. Remember, at the end of the day you are responsible for the content that goes live on your company blog, even if you didn’t write it. When you publish someone else’s guest post you are giving them your stamp of approval. Make sure it’s the kind of content you want your readers to find!

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