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Using Google Hangouts to Create Video Blog Posts

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Social Media

I came across this fantastic post on ClickZ by Chad Hill that broke down how he and colleague Adam Stetzer decided to use Google Hangouts to create a video blog post every day in 30 minutes or less. Google Hangouts lets you record your hangout and automatically post it to YouTube. You can then embed the YouTube video on your site in a video blog post. He says they shot and posted 75 videos over the last six months and if you look at his article he’s got a great graph to show you how much organic traffic those video blog posts have garnered over time. The great thing about evergreen content is that it keeps pulling in targeted visitors to your site—a post you publish today could very easily be found 8 months from now in the SERPs and still provide value to the searcher.

I really liked his idea of doing conversational type video blog posts using Google Hangouts. It’s a really simple way to present a lot of great information without a lot of fuss or prep work on your part. It’s also a great option for people that are fantastic speakers but maybe not the best writers, as you can use your talents to your SEO advantage (just make sure you have a transcript of some kind since the search bots can’t “watch” a video like we can!).

Here are 3 reasons why video blog posts are a great addition to your content marketing efforts:

1. Video can be less intimidating than text.

When faced with a wall of static text some visitors might abandon ship because it looks like too much work on their part. A short, 2-3 minute video blog post is a lot more palatable. That’s not to say that long-form content doesn’t belong in your content marketing campaign, but that videos are a great way to break it up and give you audience a new way to digest information.

2. Google Hangouts makes it easy to create and share videos.

All you need is a webcam, which plenty of laptops have built in, and a microphone and voila—you’re ready to start making videos! Google Hangouts makes it easy to capture content and upload it to YouTube (maybe with a touch of editing) so anyone with a computer can create video blog posts! Even a busy small business owner can make time to record their next Hangout with employees and colleagues, especially if you have remote workers.

Think about it—the next time you have a brainstorming session you can record it using Google Hangouts and then slice and dice that video for your content marketing efforts! It’s also a great way to record presentations, demos, or how-to videos for your product.

3. Video blog posts can rank in the search engines.

Just like any other piece of content, YouTube videos and video blog posts can rank in the search engines, helping expand your organic search presence. You can optimize the video titles and descriptions for long-tail keywords and use that content to carve out even more spots in the SERPs for yourself. It’s also entirely possible that a video blog post and a text blog could rank for the same term!

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