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Use Google Alerts to Improve Marketing Efforts

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Search Engines

Google is a great resource for searching online and finding information that you need. We all know this. But Google’s product offerings expand beyond search. For anyone serious about marketing their website Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are essential because these tools provide you with vital information about the performance of your website and how it is viewed in the eyes of Google. One of the Google tools that is oven underutilized or not utilized at all is Google Alerts.

Google Alerts is another free Google tool that provides you with valuable information from across the web. Using a Google account, a user can sign up to receive emails whenever a web page is crawled and indexed that includes information that is important to the user. Users are given the option to select the kind of result they receive, the frequency of communication, and how many results are received (only the best results, or all of the results).

Using Google Alerts, it’s advisable to monitor the following:

Brand/Business Name

An online reputation is everything today. A positive reputation can grow your business while a negative one can put you out of business. Business owners today have little control over what is being said about them across the web. Realistically there is going to be something negative said about a business at some point. It’s important to monitor the brand name to be aware of what is being said and to mitigate an issue before it gets out of hand. Monitoring brand mentions can also provide the opportunity to reach out to website owners and get links when the brand name is mentioned.

Company Leaders

Just as you want to monitor what is being said about the company as a whole, it’s important to monitor what is also being said about important company leaders like the President, CEO, COO, etc.


Monitor the competition to see what people are saying about them and to keep tabs on their online activity. This can alert you to new potential link opportunities.


Set up alerts for important keywords that you are targeting to see how and where they are being used. If it’s in a discussion forum or social media, it may be a conversation that you can join. For a local business, be sure to set up alerts for local terms to know what’s going on in the community and if you could get involved in some way to gain exposure.


One of the options that Google Alerts provides is to alert you to new blog posts that are published that are related to certain topics. This can help your online marketing efforts in a few ways. First, you can find relevant blogs to comment on or maybe even to submit a guest post. It can also provide you with ideas for potential new blog topics for your own blog.

Of course, if you set up all of these alerts your email inbox will quickly be flooded. Not every alert needs to come in on a daily basis. Alerts for your brand should be everyday but competitor information can be more sporadic.

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