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Can One Good Link Make The Difference?

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Link Building

Here’s an analogy for link building that I’ve used in many of my SEO trainings—imagine that your website is like a car engine with a dead battery and you need to get it started. What do you do? Jumper cables of course! A white hat link building campaign serves as those jumper cables, stimulating activity and getting your website moving in the right direction. And car maintenance 101 says that once you jump a batter you have to let it run for a while to fully recharge, otherwise you’ll be stuck with a dead battery the next time you try to start your car. The same holds true for your link building—once you start you have to keep at it. A few links will get you going but it won’t be enough to carry your site forward forever.

All that being said—does there ever come a point where one good link can make all the difference?

There comes a point in every site’s link building life cycle (bear in mind this takes years) when you’ve maxed out all the usual link building opportunities. That’s when the right link at the right time in the right place can make all the difference and push your link building over the edge and really turn up the volume. It’s important to note that a great link building campaign is never really done. Once you’ve built X links you can’t just throw the towel in and call it a success—your competition isn’t resting and neither should you. All those little links from social sites, guest blog posts, online press releases, interviews, partnerships and so forth add up and generate more natural links on their own—a great sign that you’re building links in the right places. Whenever you’re building a link you don’t want to think of that as the end game—how can that link be used to generate more links over time?

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed that Brick Marketing is doing really well in the SERPs for some pretty competitive keywords on a national level. The company has always done well for local keywords, and over the years we’ve slowly climbed through the pages for a more national presence, but in the last month or so things really took a big leap forward. Not that I am complaining! Seeing the last seven years of link building, social media marketing and content marketing come to fruition on a national level was incredibly validating (not to mention the great influx of visitors that came with it!). But this sudden growth spurt got me thinking—what had changed in the last few weeks that could have caused such a jump?

If you follow the world of SEO news, you’d know that Google pushed a lot of updates out in the last few months including a Panda AND Penguin refresh, a layout update, and exact match domain (EMD) update and several others. Was Brick Marketing benefitting from all of these as Google rewarded sites that had been doing a good job and penalized those that were just skating by? It might be part of it, but I also think that the Brick Marketing site might be benefitting for a few new links we built over the last month that have taken our link portfolio to the next level.

We got a great link on very powerful domain that is incredibly trusted by both the search engines and customers. Would someone be more willing to check out the site and read the blog because of this link? I think so. It takes visitors to a very useful piece of content, which hopefully they’d share after reading. Those shares beget more shares and more visitors and the positive feedback grows! All because of one link at the right time on the right site. I think that link was the straw that broke the camel’s back (in a good way!).

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