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Give Links to Get Links

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Link Building

White hat link building is hard; there is no way around it. Quality links don’t usually fall into your lap (but if they do you better recognize a golden opportunity!) and, for the most part, building quality links is a manual and time-consuming process as the best links tend to be the ones you have to work a little to get. Most small businesses don’t have the luxury of creating a team dedicated solely to link building so growing your link profile the right way gets even more complicated as link building is often pushed to the backburner in favor of other SEO and marketing activities.

And while finding quality links can get harder and harder as you move into years two and three and beyond with your link building (those easy-win links have all been taken advantage of), as Julie Joyce of Link Fish Media said, “The only person who runs out of opportunities is a lazy person who lacks creativity.” So if you are looking to develop new link building opportunities why not give links to get links!

Links are still very much the bread and butter of SEO, so site owners need to always be on the lookout for quality link building opportunities. And contrary to what you may think, one way to help stimulate link building activities is to link out to other quality and credible sites. For instance, every week Brick Marketing puts together a roundup post featuring several SEO-minded blog posts from other sites. This is content that we have found useful/informative/interesting and we want to share with our own readers in the hopes that it will help them with their own SEO campaigns. And yes, we link out to the original authors (a must!) When we promote those posts through social media we add the author’s Twitter handle to the tweet to let them know we included them in our roundup. This tactic often gets us a few extra retweets because everyone loves to promote themselves! You can get the ball rolling and let the original authors amplify the social reach of your posts. Those social signals help with our SEO and every now and then someone will link to a roundup post, which adds to our link profile.

Brick Marketing also interviews SEO industry experts and we happily link out their websites, social profiles, author bio pages and more in return for their time. It’s a win-win for both sides! They get a few extra links from our blog plus a huge social push, and we get to leverage their insights and industry knowledge for our own blog. When you work with an industry expert you get to take advantage of their social brand and authority for your own content marketing and SEO efforts; people recognize and respond to these names which is a huge boost for your own blog. One interviewee put a link to his interview on his homepage and it generated several hundred visitors in a day plus a ton of social shares. Many times other sites have quoted from these interviews, generating even more links to our site.

Keep in mind that you do want to be careful who you link out too—your site is judged by the company it keeps. But when you link out to quality sites you might generate a few links in return!

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