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Expert Interviews Are Great for Content Marketing

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

Every industry has its experts/gurus/mavens/mavericks/godfathers/ninjas—these are the men and women that have been around the longest and know your niche inside and out; they are always one step ahead of the curve, or have revolutionized your industry in one way or another. When these people talk the whole community listens because what they say carries an immense amount of weight. It’s no short and easy road to becoming an industry expert, especially if you work in a highly competitive niche with a lot of voices, but content marketing is what helps get you to the next level in your own quest to become an industry thought leader. But while you’re working your way to the top, there are a few ways to take advantage of someone else’s expertise and help your own reputation in the process—expert interviews are one of these ways.

Getting an expert interview as a blog or article on your site (maybe even a video!) is a great idea for 3 reasons:

1. Their name carries a lot of weight and people keep their eye out for it.

Some industry experts really are the voice of their industry with thousands of loyal followers—anything with their name attached to it is bound to get a lot of attention. How does that fact help you? An expert interview is going to help drive plenty of those loyal followers over to your blog and your site simply because of the name. One expert interview can send hundreds of unique visitors to your blog! For instance, I recently did an expert interview with link building expert Eric Ward, which drove thousands of unique visitors to my site initially and is still sending 10-20 unique visitors a day because his name means something in the world of SEO.

2. Expert interviews provide great information and insights for your own audience.

There is a reason these people are considered industry thought leaders—they know more about your niche than anyone AND they are great teachers; they know how to connect with a target audience and share information. An expert interview, provided you ask meaningful questions, is bound to be full of great advice and insights that will provide immense value to your own readers. In this interview I did with Mike Moran, he has some great advice for marketers and has his own unique way of getting his points across.

If you wanted to take it even further and get a little more life out of your expert interview, every question you asked can be expanded into a unique blog post. List the question and the expert’s answer, and then provide your own thoughts/insights as well. One expert interview could easily turn into 10 more high-quality blog posts.

3. Experts still need to promote themselves, which means they’ll share your interview.

An industry leader knows that they can’t rest on their laurels once they get to the top. Just like the rest of us they have to earn the respect and trust of their audiences. And just like the rest of us most industry experts aren’t going to turn down positive press/publicity! Chances are they’ll want to share and promote that blog post just as much as you do; ask them to send it out over all their social networking profiles, post a link to their own site or blog, drop it in their next newsletter. They reap the branding benefits but it your site that gets the links and the visitors.

Please keep in mind that expert interviews aren’t something you should do all the time. You need your own content pushing your blog and content marketing campaign along—an expert interview is simply a tool to take it to the next step.

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