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Create Content That People Want to Read

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

Content marketing online is a huge component of SEO. Content is what helps generate natural inbound links back to a website. Of course, if the content that’s created isn’t resonating with people (more specifically, the right people) it’s pretty useless. It’s necessary to create content that people actually want to read, watch, listen to, etc. Regardless of content format the concept is the same. It’s all about the topic and how that topic is presented.

Here are some tips to improve your content approach:

Avoid promotion

There’s a reason why inbound marketing has become all the rage lately. People don’t like to feel like they are being advertised to. Content marketing is an inbound marketing tactic as long as you aren’t creating content that looks and reads exactly like an advertisement for your business. Content should be an outlet to share your expertise and help target audience members solve a problem. It’s OK to tie in your product or service if it’s applicable to do so every once in a while, but it should never be the main component of the content piece.

Keep it focused

If the title indicates that a blog post, video, infographic, etc. will be about a specific topic, make sure that it’s about that specific topic only! Don’t go off on unrelated tangents.

Make it easy on the eyes

Despite what some people may say, looks do matter- at least when it comes to the presentation of your content anyway. If your content marketing strategy includes blogging, make sure that the blog has a nice design and layout. Make it easy for readers to find quick nuggets of information by breaking up posts using lists, bullet points, line breaks, bold characters, etc. A marketing video doesn’t need to be produced in Hollywood but it shouldn’t look like it was thrown together in a dingy basement either. Presentation of content matters almost as much as the content itself.

Keep it fresh

When people are conducting research they are typically looking for current information. Discuss current events and news within your content to be viewed as a thought leader. Depending on the industry, something written with last month’s data could already be outdated. Are you really going to reference a study that was conducted in 2010? Stay up to date with what’s going on or you risk looking foolish.

Show some personality

All marketing content should be professional, but it’s OK to use your content marketing as an outlet to show some brand personality. In fact, it’s recommended to do so. If all of your content reads like a corporate robot wrote it, it may be harder to relate. People ultimately want to work with and buy from other people.

Choose the right topics

To find topic ideas, take a look at what people have proven to be interested in in the past. Analytics will tell you what content is the most popular. Check out other blogs and see what kinds of topics get the most comments and social shares. Write posts on similar topics.

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