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What Should The Content Marketing Priority Be?

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

The key to successful online marketing today is content. Content is what gets optimized to appear within organic search, it gets shared in social media, and it gets linked to naturally as a point of reference on third party sites. The businesses that are creating and publishing content on the web on a regular basis today are the ones that will stand out. Of course, content comes in many different formats. There’s written content like blog posts, articles, press releases, white papers, and case studies and there’s multimedia content like videos and podcasts. Many businesses, specifically of the small business variety, don’t have the time or resources needed to be creating all of these different types of content on a regular basis. With the finite resources that they have, where should they focus their efforts? What should their content marketing priority be?

From an SEO perspective our stance is that the content outlet of the utmost importance is the business blog that is housed on the company website. This is the case for a few different reasons. First, the search engine spiders are still not as sophisticated as the humans that use the search engines. They can only “see” text based content that they can navigate. When it comes to podcasts or videos housed on sites like YouTube, you can write SEO focused descriptions and include tags, etc. but not ALL of the content that the visitor would watch or listen to is going to be picked up by the search spider. The same is true for content that might be gated behind a sign up form like a webinar, white paper, or case study. The search spider is essentially blocked from seeing that content. This isn’t the case with a blog post. A blog post may naturally incorporate some long tail keywords that can get the post to gain traction in the organic section of the SERP over time.

The second reason why the company business blog should be the focus of content marketing efforts is because it is a web property that is owned. The company can publish whatever it wants to as often as it wants to without topic, word count, or submission restrictions. The quality and authority of the blog and website as a whole is controlled completely by the website owner. Submitting content to article directory sites was a tactic that was popular in the old days of SEO. However, all of those once credible links took a major hit when the Google Panda algorithm update was released. Even if you submitted high quality, original content to these sites there were plenty of writers that submitted keyword stuffed articles that were “spun” which resulted in all contributors suffering when the site as a whole all but disappeared from the SERP. Some were even de-indexed completely.

When content on your business blog is linked to and shared, it results in the search spiders and target audience members heading over to your site. If visitors like what they see, they may convert which is the ultimate purpose of a website.

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