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Retraining Your Brain to Focus on Content Creation

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

Content creation is definitely one of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers these days. While you might not think turning out a quality blog post every once in a while is all that hard you have to remember that a strong content marketing campaign requires consistency and a continued commitment to creating the best content possible. You can’t just publish one blog post every now and then and hope it’ll work—you need fresh content going live as often as possible and it needs to exist in a variety of platforms including blogs, articles, white papers, ebooks, webinars, videos and more. Suddenly content creation seems like a much more challenging job, doesn’t it? Add to the fact that many B2B marketers are not just struggling to find the time to write, they also don’t know what they should be writing! Coming up with topics, especially in the beginning, can be incredibly challenging even for the most talented writers.

Here are 4 tips that have worked for me in the past to help ensure the content creation and topics well never run dry:

1. Set aside a set time every day to write.

Maybe that means 20 minutes, maybe it means 1 hour—but that time is now just for writing. Don’t check emails, schedule meetings or let Facebook distract you (as best as you can anyway). Don’t worry about actually finishing what you’re writing either, just get in the habit of turning your content creation brain on every day no matter what. If you sit and stare at the screen for 20 minutes one day then so be it!

2. Actually write your ideas down.

When inspiration for content creation strikes, say you’re on the phone or in a meeting, write your idea down then and there! Trust me, you’ll think you’ll remember later but you won’t. Come up with a great headline or hook? Write it down! Overhear your customer service team discussing a customer’s question? Make a note! I’ve found that keeping a notebook or stack of sticky notes next to my computer makes it easier to keep a running list of topics. Don’t worry if they are good or bad just yet or if you can even turn them into anything—just write your ideas down!

3. Get your team involved in content creation.

No two people are going to approach the same topic in the same way. A software developer is going to have a very different way of explaining a new product than the marketing manager would. One isn’t necessarily better than the other and each point of view can be used in your content creation process, especially if you are trying to appeal to a variety of audiences.

4. Establish a content creation chain of command so there are no bottlenecks.

Does your CEO need to sign off on every single blog post before it goes live? Who should proof and edit that new e-book you’re working on? Whose input will be needed to create a stellar webinar about your new product? When it comes to content creation there needs to be a line between all hands on deck and too many cooks in the kitchen. Setting up a chain of command so everyone knows what their role is will help ensure there aren’t a dozen start and stops to getting your content out the door.

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