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Why Your Blog Comments are Getting Rejected

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Link Building

Depending on who you ask you might be told that blog commenting is no longer a relevant SEO tactic. While it’s true that blog comments may be “no follow”, that doesn’t mean that you should ditch blog commenting altogether. The correct link building approach to take is to build a wide variety of links that include both “follow” and “no follow”. While the search engines might not crawl the “no follow” link, they are still seeing it. A link portfolio that is mostly follow links looks suspicious since it’s not natural. In addition to SEO benefits, it’s important to look at link building as a promotional tool. Even if a blog comment link isn’t being followed, it can still help generate traffic back to your site and the blog comment itself serves as a way to get an individual noticed within the industry. Of course, spending the time to blog comment is only worthwhile if your blog comments are going through and being published. Very few blogs these days accept comments immediately. Most are moderated and if your comment isn’t any good it will be trashed or even flagged as spam so that any comment that you make in the future automatically goes to the trash.

Here are the top 4 reasons why your blog comments are being rejected:

Not using your name

The most obvious way to tell a blogger that you are only leaving a comment for SEO purposes is to use a keyword in the “Name” field. Comments from “Boston legal services” or “Best computer software” probably won’t go through. This isn’t a good strategy anyway now that Google is cracking down on keyword anchor text linking. Some businesses choose to use the company name. This can go either way. It’s less offensive than using a keyword but it’s still not ideal. The best way to blog comment is to use the name of an individual, preferably someone that holds a prominent position within the business like the owner or the CEO.

Nothing good to say

The whole point of blog commenting, before it caught on as a way to get a backlink, was to join the discussion and share something meaningful. If you merely write something like “great post” or “thanks for sharing” that doesn’t contribute to the conversation at all. It might even mean that you didn’t even read the post.

Dropping links

The blog commenting field isn’t a place to promote your business or services by adding a link. It’s a spammy approach. Use the blog commenting field as a way to indirectly promote your business by sharing your knowledge.

Spelling/grammar issues

This is another tip off that the blog comment is for purely SEO. Spelling and grammar errors typically come from someone that isn’t a native speaker, which means that the blog commenting was outsourced as part of an SEO program. In addition, it just looks unprofessional. Bloggers are only going to accept comments that add value to the page.

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