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Cheap SEO Will Cost You

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO

While it has showed some signs of improvement, the economy still isn’t all that great. Businesses are still trying to trim their budget where they can in order to save money. They are looking for alternative and cheaper solutions. When times are tough, it’s often the marketing budget that gets the brunt of the cut backs even though this is a huge mistake. If businesses are trimming marketing budgets, wouldn’t this provide you with a huge opportunity if you DIDN’T trim it? It would position your business well when things started to rebound and people were willing to spend money again.

When it comes to online marketing, search engine optimization is definitely worth the investment. A search engine presence (or lack thereof) can be a huge indicator of whether or not a business will succeed. Unfortunately, many business decision makers don’t understand the importance of SEO or only see it as another line item. They might not be dumb enough to cut the program entirely, but they often make a mistake that is just as dumb- going the “cheap SEO” route.

Cheap SEO comes in a variety of formats. Some business owners aren’t willing to spend the money that is required to hire a talented in house SEO Specialist or outsource the work to a legitimate, reputable full service SEO company. The most obvious short cut is to try and get away with adding SEO responsibilities to the (already full) plate of the marketing person or team that is already on the staff. This backfires for many reasons. First, just because you work in marketing does not mean that you will be successful at SEO. There is a reason why people are able to make full time careers out of SEO. It is a specialized service. Someone with a traditional marketing background may be able to become successful at SEO eventually after some training and hands on experience, but that takes time. If it’s just one of many duties that are handed off to them they will never become invested in it and their skills will probably never improve. If SEO is handed over as an “additional” duty, there’s a good chance that it will never get done.

Once business owners realize that their marketing person or team doesn’t have the time or expertise, they often go looking for alternative cheap SEO options. A simple search on the web will generate many ways to get SEO work done on the cheap. There are firms overseas that have cheap rates and even some U.S. firms boast their inexpensive prices. What you need to realize is that you get what you pay for. Sure, there are plenty of cheap SEO firms but that also means that the work won’t be as comprehensive and your site probably won’t get the attention that it needs. The firm will do the bare minimum amount of work. While not always the case, cheap SEO often correlates with black hat SEO and attempting to game the system for quick results. This will always backfire and end up costing you more in the end when you try and do the necessary clean up.

The bottom line is that cheap SEO is never the right solution. You are better off waiting until you can afford an SEO solution that will actually generate results.

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