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Build Your Brand by Guest Blogging

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

Long before Facebook and Twitter came along, individuals and businesses set up blogs to share information and participate in conversations with one another. For business, it was a great way to establish a brand identity and voice. Since the search engines rank pages based on content, blogging was a great way to build a link portfolio and improve the chances of being found in the search engines. Blogging can be a challenge, but if it’s done properly, the rewards over time have been well documented. Sharing content on your own blog on a regular basis should always be your first blogging priority. However, if you find that you have the time and resources to take it to the next level, guest blogging on sites that are owned by others can really give your brand that boost that it may need in the blogosphere.

The opportunity to guest post on other industry related blogs isn’t something that happens overnight. Bloggers are protective of their blog and its content and aren’t just going to let anyone submit a post. The first step to guest posting is to form relationships with other established bloggers in the industry, which means that you need to get noticed. Leave thoughtful comments on their blogs and connect with them on social media. Hopefully, they will check out your blog content and leave their own comments. Over time, once a friendly rapport has been achieved, it’s time to reach out ask if it’s OK to submit content to their blog. Remember, you don’t want to spend all this time cultivating a relationship and then disappear once you get what you want. Continuing the relationship will lead to more opportunities down the road.

This strategy not only helps to establish trust and build a brand amongst other bloggers, but more importantly, it improves your visibility amongst target audience members. Not every potential client or customer reads your blog. In fact, probably only a very tiny fraction of them do. That doesn’t mean that it’s not good. It just may mean that other target audience members haven’t noticed it yet. Guest blogging will get your content in front of a whole new set of eyes. If readers like what they see, they will be more likely to click over to your blog.

Guest blogging also improves search engine optimization efforts, which works to build a brand presence in the search engines and online over time. A guest blog post should always include a link to your website or blog in the “Author Bio” section. An inbound link from a respected industry blog conveys trust to the search engines, which helps to determine search engine ranking. It also helps generate traffic directly from the blog to your site.

Guest blogging isn’t for everyone and it’s certainly more common in some industries rather than others. However, when it comes to building a brand online it’s important to create as many touchpoints as possible.

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