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Blog Posts to Read for November 29, 2012

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Internet Marketing

Below you will find our favorite blog posts that are related to SEO, search engine marketing and social media marketing from this past week. Please feel free to visit each, we hope you find them as helpful as we do!

B2B marketing’s 6 Most Common Design Mistakes
Following these tested design rules is a sure way to maximize the impact of every marketing message.

20 Stats Every Modern Marketer Should See
Here are 20 modern marketing stats you might want to sprinkle in your next presentation, your emails or simply show your colleagues.

Does Your Board of Directors Get SEO?
3 reasons why your Board of Directors need to be educated in search engine optimization.

Sharing Research Into Mobile Marketing & Measurement in 2013
The following are some of the top mobile app metrics marketers are interested in measuring.

Don’t Be the Blogger That Makes These Critical Content Mistakes
Here are 6 critical content mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Facebook Censorship, Thy Name is EdgeRank
Do you wonder if your Facebook messages are really getting across? Chances are, they aren’t entirely thanks to EdgeRank.

Use Email Subject Lines to Beat the Holiday Competition
Try using the following to help you stand out from the pack and motivate the sell in your subject lines.

18 Ways to Create Unique Content From Survey Results
Real examples of content that can be created and a summary of 18 different types of content that can be generated from survey results.

E-Commerce: Which States Convert Most, Mobile Shopping Trends
Geography can play a big role in influencing e-commerce performance measurements such as conversion rate and average order value.

Adobe Research Proves the Value of Search & Social This Holiday Season
The Adobe study indicates that 2012 will break retail records in its final months.

These were our favorite SEO, SEM and Social Media blog posts this week. Check back next week for more top posts!

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