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Blog Posts to Read for January 10, 2013

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO News

Below you will find our favorite blog posts that are related to SEO, search engine marketing and social media marketing from this past week. Please feel free to visit each, we hope you find them as helpful as we do!

How Businesses Can Avoid SEO Consultant Remorse
Business owners can find themselves overwhelmed by many suggestions an SEO consultant makes. Ideas without Execution are Hallucinations!

5 Super-Basic Writing Tips to Help You Be a Better Web Copywriter
Learn five basic writing tips to improve your web copywriting and all the writing you do, including starting with an outline and getting a peer reviewer.

5 Inbound Lead Generation Lessons in Building Trust with Your Website
Here are a few lessons from our client, “Dave Smith Consulting,” on how to get more inbound sales leads by building trust with your website.

The CEO’s Social Media Strategy: Ignore It [Infographic]
A new study finds that many smaller companies and business-to-business firms really don’t care a lot of about social media. And plenty of chief executives remain unconvinced as well.

Hug That Long-Tail
Ultimately, the short-tail gets you noticed, but the long-tail will usually get the conversion. So hug that long-tail people!

Scroogled: The SEO Benefits of Bad-Mouthing a Competitor
Is calling out your competitor a tactic that can payoff? Increased links, traffic and brand mentions says yes.

The Google Link Disavow Tool – Pros and Cons
Not too long ago Google introduced their long anticipated Link Disavow Tool. A lot has been said on the web about this tool, what it does and who needs to use it.

Get Email Opens By Being Helpful
As we kick off the beginning of 2013, why not use this as an opportunity to prove to subscribers that you have their best interests in mind and that your content can be useful?

How to Create an Agile Content Marketing Strategy (and Stay Sane Doing It)
What exactly is agile content? It’s the kind of content we should all be creating.

Cutting Time Without Cutting Corners – Social Media Efficiency
Here are some of the ways that companies have cut time with their social media efforts without cutting corners and impacting results.

These were our favorite SEO, SEM and Social Media blog posts this week. Check back next week for more top posts!

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