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Blog Posts to Read for October 25, 2012

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in SEO News

Below you will find our favorite blog posts that are related to SEO, search engine marketing and social media marketing from this past week. Please feel free to visit each, we hope you find them as helpful as we do!

Question B2B SEO Tactics That Don’t Involve Strategic Marketing
One guiding principle comes to mind when evaluating whether or not an SEO tactic will work for a client. Will this SEO tactic work within the marketing strategy of the organization involved?

New Disavow Links Tools Proves Negative SEO Exists, Is a Serious Issue
After months of denying/downplaying the impact of Negative SEO, Google today has launched a new and widely anticipated disavow links tool.

Lessons from Facebook: How to Be Irresistible
While other addictions are more dangerous to your physical health, it’s hard to compete with Facebook as far as irresistible urges go.

5 Little-Known Places To Get More Traffic to Your Blog
There are a number of “underground” traffic sources that can bring in a ton of targeted traffic in a short amount of time. Here are 5 of them.

5 Steps To Convert Visitors On Your Blog
Here are a few simple steps to bring your blog to life through insight and actively engaging with your audience.

How to Use Social Media to Close More Deals without Being a Pushy Salesperson – Infographic
Find out how to engage with your customers and position yourself as a thought leader via social media to create better conversions.

The Ninjas Guide To Google Alerts
Google Alerts is one of the most powerful free tools available but it is often overlooked.

The Writer is King!
We have all heard that “content is king” when it comes to search engine optimization, but is the writer the heir to the throne?

Lead Generation Tactics – Five Tips to Boost Your Number of Leads
Here are five ways for marketers to increase their qualified lead output, which should work to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

You Are What You Share
Sharing poor content might build follower numbers, but you won’t build lasting relationships with those who matter.

These were our favorite SEO, SEM and Social Media blog posts this week. Check back next week for more top posts!

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