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How Should a B2B Social Profile Be Represented?

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in B2B SEO Marketing

For B2Bs that are looking to improve upon their online visibility and SEO, B2B social media is an important part of the mix. It provides an outlet to share informational content that establishes your business as a thought leader in the industry and improves SEO efforts in the way of building social signals that are now a part of the search engine ranking algorithm. When first getting involved in social media B2Bs must decide how the business will be represented. Who or what will be the social persona? The social brand could be built around a specific person within the company, like the President, CEO, VP of Marketing, etc. Or it could be represented by the name of the company. There are pros and cons to consider with each strategy. Since momentum is a key component of social media and a profile and presence grows over time, it’s important to select the best method and stick to it.

If you opt to build the social brand around a person within the business, it’s important to make sure that it’s someone that has an important role in the company and won’t be leaving. It would be a disaster to have your entire social brand built up behind the profile of your Marketing Manager, only to have them leave the company and take all of the social credibility along with them. If the person no longer works for your business, all of their followers are no longer following the business. In fact, they may now be following a competitor if that’s where the Marketing Manager goes. This exact scenario has happened in recent years and even lead to law suits over who actually “owns” those social followers. The President or the owner of the company are typically the best people to represent the business in social media.

When an actual person represents the business it forms a sense of connection with that person. Ultimately people want to do business with other people. If the President of a company comes off as personable and knowledgeable in social media, followers may be more likely to do business with that company. Of course, if the account is being used for business all posts must remain on topic and professional. A separate personal account to share information about hobbies is recommended.

In many cases, businesses opt to create social accounts in the name of the business or brand. This is a good tactic because there isn’t any confusion as to who owns the account and all of the business social accounts will appear for a branded search. Business social accounts should all be branded to include company photos, links, descriptions, etc. so that people know that they are following the correct account. The only real drawback to using the company name as the social persona is that it lacks some of those “personal” elements. Followers might not know exactly who within the company is responsible for the content that is going out. It’s also more tempting for businesses to use this type of account as an outlet to promote instead of using social media the way that it should be used, to be social.

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