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Look at Entrance Keywords for B2B Content Topic Ideas

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in B2B SEO Marketing

In order to be successful with B2B SEO today it’s necessary to create quality content on a regular basis that extends beyond the product/service pages on your website. It’s necessary to have an active blog on your own site and contribute content to other industry websites. One of the most difficult components of writing and distributing B2B content on a regular basis, outside of the time commitment, is determining what the topic of the piece should be. One place to look for potential topic ideas is within Analytics at the keywords that visitors used to land on one of the pages of your site.

Obviously in order to have access to this data you will need to have Analytics set up on your site. We recommend Google Analytics because it is the industry standard, is free, and provides information straight from the source- Google itself. Here is the process to find the entrance keywords, or keywords that brought traffic to each page of the site within Google Analytics:

* Look at one full year of data – change the dates on the top right hand corner
* On the left hand side go to Content then Overview then Site Content then All Pages
* You can search for a specific page using the search box or you can scroll through the pages.
* Click on the page
* Click on Secondary dimension
* Click on Traffic Sources
* Click on Keyword

It’s important to look at many pages of your site, not just the homepage. If your site has been well optimized, each page individually should be generating traffic from the search engines. Looking at all of your main product and service pages can help diversify the kind of content that is being created. As long as it’s something that you offer on your website, content on that topic is definitely relevant to the needs of your target audience. The web page that correlates with the topic can be linked to using anchor text within the content. As long as you are linking back to different pages of the site and utilizing different variations of anchor text, it helps to keep it natural so that it isn’t targeted by the search engines as web spam.

The keywords that delivered traffic to a page could serve as inspiration for a blog post/article title. This is especially true with long tail keywords, which is where many of the opportunities may be. Even if a long tail keyword only generated a few visits on the page, that is evidence that the long tail keyword has some search volume, even if it’s a small amount. Actually targeting that long tail keyword in a post could generate even more traffic to your site. Start with the title, which is the most important element for SEO purposes. The content on the page needs to back it up, but the title carries the most weight.

Looking at entrance keywords for content topic ideas also gives you the opportunity to see if the keywords that are delivering traffic to your site are making sense. If people are coming to a page of your site using a keyword that isn’t a good fit for your business, look at the content to try and figure out why that is. In this case, you may need to rewrite the content and revisit keyword research.

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