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Take the Right Approach to Blog Commenting

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Link Building

Blog commenting is a valuable online marketing tactic for multiple reasons. Reading industry blogs can provide you with knowledge that can make you better at your craft. You can see what others are talking about in the industry and use what you learn in order to create your own content. By leaving a comment on a blog you are not only getting a link back to your website, but you are also improving your exposure among others that are involved and interested in the industry, specifically target audience members. Writing a thoughtful comment serves as a way to establish your credibility in the industry.

Follow these tips to approach blog commenting the correct way:

Focus on industry blogs

There are probably millions of blogs out there. It’s relatively easy to find a blog and comment on it. The challenge is to find a blog post that is in some way relevant to your business. If you’re a lawyer it doesn’t make much sense to be commenting on interior design blogs for business purposes with a link back to your law firm’s site. The link isn’t relevant and it isn’t your area of expertise. People that read the blog are interested in interior design and probably don’t care much about your area of law practice. This is perhaps the most difficult and time consuming part of blog commenting, the blog research. Browse blog directories and Google blog search to find relevant blog posts. If your industry is very niche it may be difficult to find many posts, but even a few is better than none.

Don’t worry about the “link juice”

Blog commenting isn’t just for link building. It’s also about gaining exposure within the industry and making connections that could lead to future opportunities. It’s true that many blogs are “no follow”, meaning that any link that comes from the site isn’t followed by the search engines. This doesn’t mean that it’s not worth attaining. No follow links are still seen by the search engines and the search engines like to see a natural link portfolio that includes a combination of do follow and no follow links.

Avoid promotional speak

The key to blog commenting is to add your insights on a particular topic without sounding like you are trying to sell whatever it is that you offer. Think of the blog commenting space as a party among friends. Nobody wants to talk to that guy that only talks about himself. Never add a link to your website within the comment itself. It’s a surefire way to get your comment sent to spam, never to be seen again. This also means that any time that you return to the blog to comment again that comment also won’t go through.

Keep commenting organized

For some businesses blog commenting is a big part of an online marketing strategy and multiple people within the organization may be commenting. It’s important to make sure that employees aren’t commenting on the same blog posts. It seems spammy and each employee could have a slightly different take on the topic, which causes brand confusion. As you comment on blogs, keep a running list of when and where you commented. Go back and revisit the list in order to see where the comments went through and where they did not. Remove the locations in which the comment didn’t go through from the list, there’s no sense in continuing to comment there, and add new blogs as you continue your research.

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