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There Are Always Link Building Opportunities

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Link Building

Once keyword research has been conducted and the website has been optimized, the ongoing component of an SEO program is link building. Link building is necessary because inbound links pointing to a website are what convey trust to the search engine spiders. The search spiders crawl the web link to link and the more quality links that are out there, the more time the search spiders will end up back on your site. Inbound links are also what help generate traffic to your site.

It’s recommended to outline a link building strategy for the duration of the campaign. If the website has never participated in any link building activities before, it’s somewhat simple to outline what should be done. Year one of link building typically involves submitting information to local profiles and industry directories, blog commenting, press release distribution, article submission, and social media sharing. Depending on the industry and the number of industry link opportunities, this strategy could even take you well into year two. However it’s usually right around year three that clients start to wonder- what other links can I possibly build?

The important thing to keep in mind is that there will always be link building opportunities, no matter how long you’ve been building links. Some businesses make the mistake of eliminating link building/SEO from their marketing program once they think that they’ve achieved a particular level of success and don’t think that any more links are necessary. The thing is, no matter how much success has been achieved, link building shouldn’t stop. While it may be a gradual decline, a dip in ranking is inevitable if you scale back on or eliminate your SEO program.

If you find that you’ve exhausted most of the local profile and industry directory opportunities, it’s important to spend that time focusing on other link building initiatives instead. A necessary component of link building today is content. The content that you distribute is what will get noticed and shared by others, building natural links back to your site.

It’s the content based links that will really give your link building program the “oomph” that it needs. Incorporating a blog on your website is a great place to start, but what’s even better is getting your content published on other trusted sites across the web. Spend some time looking for guest blogging opportunities within your niche. Many blogs accept guest posts and this is a great way to not only build some inbound links from relevant and trusted sites but also to improve your visibility amongst target audience members and generate quality traffic back to your site.

As your guest blogging presence grows it will lead to other link building opportunities as well. The search engines now consider social signals when ranking web pages. If your content (with links) is being shared throughout social media it’s another way to get noticed by the search engines.

If you’ve been building links for 6 months or for 6 years, there are always opportunities to take advantage of. Don’t ditch a link building program because you think that you’ve gotten every link that you could possibly get. You haven’t.

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