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What 6 Months of Business Blogging Can Do for You

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Content Marketing

Back in 2009 HubSpot reported that websites that invest in business blogging earn 55% more visitors than websites that don’t have a blog (in addition to 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages). I can only imagine that those numbers remain true, if not better, in today’s online market. It seems like everyone is jumping on the business blogging bandwagon to some degree, but that’s because content marketing really does work! The more consistent you are with your business blogging efforts the more targeted traffic your site will see, the more links and citations it will earn, the more dominant your position in the SERPs will be, and the more authoritative your brand will become. Sound too good to be true? Check out some of the numbers below:

What 6 Months of Business Blogging Can Do for You

In January 2013 this particular website got a grand total of 253 visitors to their business blog from a variety of sources including Google, LinkedIn, direct traffic, and several syndication websites. While an extra 253 visitors may not seem like much those blog visitors amounted to a 112% increase in traffic to the blog from December 2012, where the blog had been sitting relatively stagnant for several months before that. Because this site upped their business blogging efforts to just one a post a week (where it had been more like 1 or 2 a month), their traffic grew over 100% in just four short weeks.

If you look at the next few months you’ll notice the upwards trend in traffic to the blog. Older content that had been kicking around for a little while, aging and earning a few natural links, started popping up more frequently in the SERPs; the evergreen content was pulling in visitors long after the initial push. Meanwhile new, fresh content that tackled hot industry topics was also pulling in visitors both from organic and social sources and getting a lot of social shares as well. In June 2013 this site saw 959 unique visitors thanks to their business blogging efforts. That’s almost a 400% jump from January 2013! After 6 months of business blogging this site had pulled 3,613 visitors just to their blog posts, amounting to almost 20% of their total traffic for that same time period. Around 1500 of those visitors came from Google organic.

According to Google Webmaster Tools, 4 of this site’s blog posts are in their top 10 most linked to pages of content, earning over a 100 extra links between them. Blog posts also make up over half of their most linked to pages in the top 25 pages of content according to Google. The site underwent some major changes between January and June of 2013, but their total links over time and total linking domains over time have trended upwards, largely because of their business blogging efforts which create more content for others to read, share, and link to.

And since writing great content is only half the battle (the other half being to actually promote it), this site invested heavily in LinkedIn Groups as a way to promote and share their content with their target audience. The end result? After 6 months of business blogging traffic from LinkedIn had increased almost 180% and LinkedIn visitors were scoping out 25% more pages per visit than the average visitor.

The key thing to remember about business blogging is consistency. This website didn’t just blog for a month and then stop for two, write a few more posts, and push 4 live at once and then nothing for 6 weeks. They developed an editorial calendar that allowed for a steady stream of content over time and the results speak for themselves. Business blogging works if you work it!

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