B2C SEO Client Case Study - Groom Groove

The SEO Challenge for Brick Marketing

Groom Groove is a consumer content site that was created as an online wedding resource for men, just like theknot.com is for brides. Groom Groove covers topics specific to what men want to know about weddings such as; choosing your best man, throwing an engagement party, planning the honeymoon, understanding and organizing the wedding budget and more.

Groom Groove came to Brick Marketing because they wanted to rank on the first page in Google for “groom,” a highly-competitive and broad keyword with over 43 million pages of related information. They also wanted to increase their site’s ad revenue generating abilities.

Brick Marketing SEO Solutions Provided for Groom Groove

The Brick Marketing SEO Solution

Nick Stamoulis and the Brick Marketing team took the time to understand the Groom Groove brand to create a customized SEO campaign. It began with thorough keyword research and a complete on-site optimization designed to incorporate the new keywords into existing content. Brick Marketing handled the link building campaign strategy and implementation for Groom Groove for two years. Brick Marketing also provided B2C SEO consulting services on a regular basis.

B2C SEO Client Results Achieved by Brick Marketing

Since working with Brick Marketing, Groom Groove has seen a significant increase in organic visitors to its website from a variety of sources. Groom Groove is now positioned on the first page of Google for all major keywords targeted and has maintained that high rank for several years.

made an immediate impact on our search results

Brick Marketing's work made an immediate impact on our search results. You could bumble and stumble yourself to figure it out, but you're much better off calling in Brick Marketing.

- Mike Arnot, Groom Groove