B2B SEO Strategy for B2B Websites

Let’s start with a very basic marketing question—who are your main competitors? Many B2B businesses have been surprised to find that even though they may be a powerhouse when it comes to the offline world, when they decided to take their business online there was a whole new set of competitors to contend with and their B2B online brand wasn’t as strong as their offline brand was. When developing a B2B SEO strategy is it imperative to start with your competitors and establish a baseline for how well your website is doing compared to theirs. Understanding where your website falls helps create a much clearer picture of what your B2B SEO strategy needs to include in order for your brand to effectively compete online.

Although Brick Marketing would never create a B2B SEO strategy that simply replicated that of your competition, competitive research helps us understand exactly what your competition is doing with their own SEO. How heavily are they investing in link building and what kind of links are they getting? How much content are they creating and is it getting cited from other sites? Using the SEO software Moz to run a competitive link analysis we can also find valuable link building opportunities your current SEO campaign may have overlooked. We can also use it to determine where the holes in your competitor’s B2B SEO strategies are and help create a B2B SEO strategy that helps your website take advantage of their shortcomings.

As part of your B2B SEO strategy, Brick Marketing will take the time to conduct keyword research based on the content of your site to determine what, if any, new and non-branded keywords your website should be targeting to help increase organic traffic, leads, and ultimately conversions. Once you have approved these new keywords, which will target both the influencers and decision makers, Brick Marketing will optimize your website including both high level SEO recommendation as well as page by page recommendations.

Brick Marketing is a strictly white hat B2B SEO services agency and everything we do is within accordance of the Google and Bing Webmaster Guidelines. We don’t believe in “chasing the algorithm” or trying to stay one step ahead of the next search engine update. Our white hat approach means we only invest in B2B SEO tactics that are going to help propel your website forward and help it benefit from any subsequent algorithm updates.

The goal of a B2B SEO strategy is to take whatever assets your website currently has including business relationships, unlocked content, your brand’s online reputation, partnerships and more and leverage them for SEO and your long-term organic success. Many B2B companies already have marketing programs in place that could actually have a dramatic impact on your SEO success and don’t even realize it! Brick Marketing’s job is to understand your business, messaging strategy, opportunities and unique value and apply all of that create a powerful B2B SEO strategy designed to help drive more targeted traffic to your site, increase your brand’s online presence, build links and social signals and more.